Fungi using humans to spread their spores is no new concept, they have employed this mechanism for as long as mobile organisms have roamed this planet. Spores and other microorganisms are everywhere and once ejected from their host parent travel by wind, water, convection, through the bodily waste of animals and exoskeletons and wings of insects.

Here fungi have invaded the internet... It was inevitable.

We are a South African vendor of mushroom spores and cultures. Our focus on providing only the best quality spores and cultured strains from all over the globe along with the cultivation supplies required to start your very own mushroom patch. Service to you, our customer, is very important to us and we will strive to fulfill any special request or suggestions you might have in an effort to 100% customer satisfaction. Feel free to use our contact form or social media pages to get in touch.

Shipping and the Legal stuff

Ordering Restrictions:
Spore Spot requires all customers to be over the age of 18 to purchase any material from our catalog.

Please understand that we offer spores of Psilocybin genera mushrooms for microscopy/legal use only. We cannot offer any advice or comments on the cultivation or culture of these species, as this is illegal in South Africa and many other countries. Any indication that the products will be used in an illegal manner will lead to your order being refused and refunded. 
Some products may be restricted for shipment to certain locations. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that items ordered comply with legal legislation for their location. Spore Spot takes no responsibility for items ordered illegally. All pictures provided are from international labs were the cultivation of these mushrooms might be legal, all pictures are used for educational purposes and remain the property of their respective owners to which all credit should be applied. Product may vary from representative pictures.

Magic mushroom spores are legal to possess in South Africa for microscopy.
We ship nationally and internationally.

Shipping Policy:
Orders are typically processed and shipped within 48 hours of payment receipt. Occasional product back-order may delay your order for a few extra days. We will do our best to inform you if your order is expected to be delayed longer than 5 business days.

Local South African Shipments go out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays only due to the perishable nature of items and in order to uphold our viability guarantee. This will be open to discretion. Any orders after 12h00 pm on Wednesdays will be shipped the following Monday. We have provided an expedited option should you require your order to be shipped overnight during the other business days, courier cut-off 12h00.

International orders are shipped on Mondays only for the same reasons as above.

We deal with multiple orders at any given time, please take this into consideration. 

Cleanliness Guarantee:
Cultures products are sold with cleanliness and viability guarantee, should you find your cultures to be unviable or contaminated please contact us and we will make arrangements for a replacement. Spores for Microscopy products are offered with stability and cleanliness guaranteed. Should you find your spore sample to be unviable or contaminated please contact us and we will make arrangements for a replacement. 

NB. We reserve the right to upgrade any product ordered in an effort to fulfill orders in a timely fashion. We will, however, keep this to specific customer preference on species or variant meaning that we will endeavor to supply the exact species ordered but might do so with a better or equivalent product option.

Although we would love to serve you exclusively our attention is divided among many customers. We are not a chat line and available for contact only in emergencies relating to orders. If we are chatting to you we are neglecting someone's order and we like to spend our time filling orders. Do not mail us asking when will my order ship, when will I receive my order, has my payment been captured... You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking info once shipped as the order confirmation email you received confirms. We understand there is always excitement involved in waiting for an order and offer an expedited shipping option if you are in any hurry. We will not reply to any request for cultivation advice. Any research is your own responsibility. Be mindful of this and considerate if you want a reply. 


Refund Policy:
We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on our products for 7 days after delivery. A 20% restocking fee will be charged on all returned items. Items must be in original unused unopened condition. Return shipping at buyers expense and shipping charges are not refundable. 



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