FAQ, Customer Feedback & Our Special Offers or Competitions


Ongoing Special Offers

  • 4plus1 is always active, buy 5 syringes and only pay for 4 which translates to 20% discount. NB: Temporarily discontinued.
  • We prefer cryptocurrency - Every order paid with cryptocurrency through Coinbase will recieve free gifts for the value of R170 on every R1000 spent. Translates to 17% discount. Usually an extra syringe, leave us a note during checkout with your request.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over R1200 and under 3kg's.
  • Bulk orders (R6000 and up) we'll ad 25% more than requested.


Here we cover some of the questions we receive on a regular basis to assist others that might have similar questions or requests. Also covered below some feedback received from customers via email.


Q: Do you offer local collection?

A: Unfortunately not. We are an online vendor only, national via courier. We have no shop front and are not open to the public.


Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, We ship everywhere and major asteroids (not really, but we have the earth covered.

Please be aware international stock orders only available for Syringes and Spore Prints (Prints advised to ensure successful delivery)


Q: Can you please provide me with a quote will everything required to grow mushrooms?

A: Our online store lists all prices on items and provide shipping estimates based on order weight. We do not specialize in cultivation advice and make no recommendations.


Q: How many milliliters are syringes?

A: 10ml 



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