1 ZAR Cause FU Giveaway Syringes l Max 3 per order l READ! 1 ZAR Cause FU Giveaway Syringes l Max 3 per order l READ!
1 ZAR Cause FU Giveaway Syringes l Max 3 per order l READ!  Syringe | Spore Spot

1 ZAR Cause FU Giveaway Syringes l Max 3 per order l READ!

Magic Mush
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1 ZAR Cause FU Giveaway Syringes - Max 3 per order! Not in conjunction with any other discount codes, please. It's free already! No, not 3 per variety, max 3 per order. 3 per order. 3 per order.

Check out our kits for just R50. It's insane!

These are little gifts to the community people, please don't abuse... By abuse, we mean placing an order for R3 please or ordering a whole list of 200 R1 syringes. You will spoil this for everyone else if we have to add a minimum order value. Please do not abuse, abuse will not be tolorated. Max 3 per order - add one by one. We reserve the right to cancel any order taking the piss. 

We like giving away things for free, always have... Feel like helping us give away more great products for basically less than the cost of a 10ml syringe? R100's Sponsor our giveaways. It's a thing.

If you wondering, no... we have not really lost the plot. A simple message that it is not OK to copy a uniquely designed process, service promise and entire idea to pass off as one's own while adding no creativity or innovation... Those who cloned our passion are all too quiet now, you know who you are, feel free to get in touch - 30% of your proceeds to charity or design your own products, please. Let the public know.
We have never done this for money and there is the error in trying to compete against us with the products we designed, money-hungry trolls.

Help us stand against these uncreative and unsavoury copies of copies. Let them innovate and create their own products or pay 30% of the proceeds on the products they copied to animal welfare. We did not copy, we from scratch designed this process, luerlock LI syringes, a rubber band on the syringe shaft to prevent leakage and injectable 1l tamper-proof kits with air exchange and self-healing ports aimed at novice cultivation, our business model and service promise of success or replacement. Our entire business plan. We brought this to the public, this did not exist before us. These copies have over the years sabotaged our store and social media, slandered and lied about us publicly and reported us to the law. Ordered and copied our cultures and copied our website and our model and innovation. But we're still here and the new promise is that you will not find our products at a better price or quality anywhere. We will give it away for as free as we can.

In the end, it's you, the consumer who benefits. We say you deserve it! Our objective is simple and achieved, we want mushrooms everywhere.



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