Chestnut Mushroom Grow Stick Chestnut Mushroom Grow Stick

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Stick

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Chestnut Mushroom (Pholiota adiposa)

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Stick


Under the right conditions the Chestnut Mushroom fruits readily and is a great option if you’re just starting out in your home growing journey.

They have a delicious crunch and a nutty flavour with a slight peppery finish, providing a unique addition to any dish.


The Chestnut Mushroom, a close cousin of the slimy capped Nameko Mushroom (Pholiota microspora), is a wonderful clustering, wood-loving mushroom. They form dense clusters of beautiful shaggy-capped mushrooms with dark orange gills. They are a saprophytic and weak parasitic species that grow on living and dead stems of European beech trees in their natural range.

As they prefer cooler temperatures, they take a little longer to mature once they have started pinning. Expect to harvest 7 to 10 days after primordia (pins) have formed.

These mushrooms, with their nutty flavour, bring a unique and satisfying texture to any dish.

Check out our Fruiting Kits category in our shop for accessories to help make fruiting your mushrooms as fun and easy as possible!

Fruiting Instructions: Refer to our Knowledge Portal for detailed instructions on how best to fruit this species.

Fruiting months: Autumn, Winter, Early Spring

Pinning Temp: 12°C – 18°C

Pinning Humidity: 95% – 100%

Fruiting Temp:  12°C – 21°C

Fruiting Humidity: 85% – 90%

Cultivation Difficulty: Medium



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