Macramé Mushroom Fruiting Chamber Macramé Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

Macramé Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

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Macramé Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

An attractive and functional macramé fruiting chamber that makes the fruiting of grow sticks so much easier.

Macramé available in earthy green or rustic red (while stocks last).

Ceramic base available in terracotta or black.

Included in the purchase of a Macramé Mushroom Fruiting Chamber

  • Macramé: 100cm hanging length (being handmade, exact sizes vary)
  • Wooden ring: 8cm diameter
  • Ceramic base: 19.5cm x 19.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Dry perlite: 50g


Our macramé mushroom fruiting chamber makes for a piece of home décor that is both attractive and functional. It’s a great way to accentuate the beauty of mushrooms grown from ready-to-fruit grow sticks. It also allows the grower to place them in a spot that is best suited to a successful yield.

Recycled t-shirt yarn is used for the macramé, which is designed to stabilize the grow stick while also providing enough space for the mushrooms to grow. The unglazed ceramic base that sits inside the macramé has been specially designed to maintain a humid environment with minimal effort. A ready-to-fruit grow stick  rests on the circular pillar in the center of the base so that it doesn’t touch the soaked perlite surrounding it. This prevents contamination, maximizes the space available for fruiting and contributes to the slow evaporation rate between misting which helps maintain an adequately humid environment for successful fruiting. The versatile ceramic base can also stand alone on a countertop if desired.

This method is best suited to mushrooms that fruit easily and need a lot of fresh air exchange (FAE). Oyster mushrooms are particularly well suited to this method but other varieties such as chestnut mushrooms will fruit well too.

Ceramic base – terracotta or black.
Macramé – earthy tones of green or red. As we use recycled t-shirt material, colours will vary from batch to batch.

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Soak the 50g of perlite with 150ml tap water. After about 10 minutes, drain off any excess water.

Step 2: Fill the outer ring of the ceramic base with the soaked perlite. Leave the inner circle empty as this where your grow stick will stand.

Step 3: Hang the macramé from the desired place in your home using the wooden circle at the top as an anchor. Avoid direct sunlight and strong breezes.

Step 4: Place the ceramic base inside the macramé making sure the knots are evenly spaced and the base is level.

Step 5: Place the grow stick on the ceramic stand as demonstrated in the picture. Remember to position it so that the place where the fruits will come out is closest to the perlite.

Step 6: Before you make slits in the plastic to initiate fruiting, refer to the for how to best fruit your specific variety of mushrooms!

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