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Insect Frass - 1lt

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Balanced nutrient ratio

It contains a great balance of primary nutrients (NPK 2,2,2), these release slowly over a period of 3-4 weeks, and are easy for plants to take up. Insect frass is also packed full of beneficial bacteria that help plants access more nutrients from the soil.

The nitrogen in insect frass is predominantly organic nitrogen (NH2). There is virtually no ammoniacal nitrogen (0.11%) or nitrate nitrogen (0.02%), which means insect frass can be used throughout the life of the plant- from seedling to flowering stage- without concern for creating hermaphrodites.


Secondly, frass has another special and quite unique benefit for plants: it contains derivatives of chitin, which is found in large concentrations in the cell walls of insects.

Plants detect the presence of this and are ‘tricked’ into thinking an attack is imminent; consequently, their in-built resistance to pests and disease is triggered and growth rates, productivity and immune response are all boosted significantly.


Last but by no means least, frass is chock full of micronutrients, with high levels of natural silicon, and very low levels of sodium and chloride.

Its worth noting that insect frass is not an insecticide – instead it causes the plant to produce its own defenses, which include insecticidal enzymes, alkaloids, and antifungal metabolites that aid in pathogen and disease resistance.



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