Jack Frost Spore Swab - Hybrid Psilocybe Cubensis Jack Frost Spore Swab - Hybrid Psilocybe Cubensis
Jack Frost Spore Swab - Hybrid Psilocybe Cubensis  swab | Spore Spot

Jack Frost Spore Swab - Hybrid Psilocybe Cubensis

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2 x Spore Swabs

Psilocybe cubensis Jack Frost

2 x SJack Frost is a fictional snowman in the 1998 Michael Keaton movie, which is where these mushrooms got their name. This species mixes Albino Golden Teachers and Albino P. Envy, resulting in an all-white beauty of nature.
Also called “True Albino Teacher,” The Jack Frost mushroom has a very thick stem, similar to that of an Envy or Moab stone. The caps can get up to 8 inches in diameter, are very thick, and can be rounded or flat with a slight nipple in the center of the cap.
Jack Frost’s veil is minimal, leaving lots of breathing room for carbon dioxide to escape. These mushrooms are extremely potent when we’re talking about psilocybin conten

Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung and Enriched Soils
Climate: Subtropical

Strain Origin: White variant.

Cap: 50-75+ mm in diameter, broadly convex to plane at maturity. Surface dry and white easily bruising bluish green.

Stem: 150 mm in length, bulbous. Flesh bruising bluish green where injured. Partial veil nearly absent not usually leaving a ring on the stem.

Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. White in young fruit bodies becoming blue at maturity.

Spores: colorless, subellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. This strain is an extremely poor spore depositor.

Comments: Form can be quite variable under laboratory conditions. 

* Spores intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Images provided for informational and educational reference only. Please check your local regulations.




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