LAPE (Long Albino PE) Psilocybe Cubensis LAPE (Long Albino PE) Psilocybe Cubensis
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LAPE (Long Albino PE) Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe Cubensis
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LAPE (Long Albino Penis Envy) Psilocybe Cubensis

Named for its phallic appearance, Penis Envy was first brought from the Amazon Rainforest to the US by famed psychonaut and psychedelic researcher, Terence McKenna. Steven Pollock, one of McKenna’s colleagues, isolated and crossed Penis Envy strains to create distinguishable sub-variants. One of these is the Long Albino Penis Envy. Penis Envy magic mushrooms are renowned for their potency. Quality APE genetics are hard to find and this isolate has completely changed what is possible within the APE lineage. The fruits are tall, dense and potent. They grow and colonize slowly, like other APE genetics, and this allows for a lot of time for the mycelium to produce more alkaloids and the mushrooms are very potent as a result.

Swab sets come in a sealed pack containing two swabs.

Habitat: Bovine, Equine Dung and Enriched Soils
Climate: Subtropical

Strain Origin: White variant.

Cap: 50-75+ mm in diameter, broadly convex to plane at maturity. Surface dry and white easily bruising bluish green.

Stem: 150 mm in length, bulbous. Flesh bruising bluish green where injured. Partial veil nearly absent not usually leaving a ring on the stem.

Gills: Attachment adnate to adnexed. White in young fruit bodies becoming blue at maturity.

Spores: colorless, subellipsoid on 4-spored basidia. This strain is an extremely poor spore depositor.

Comments: Form can be quite variable under laboratory conditions. 

* Spores intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only. Images provided for informational and educational reference only. Please check your local regulations.




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