Leucistic Melmac Psilocybe cubensis Leucistic Melmac Psilocybe cubensis
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Leucistic Melmac Psilocybe cubensis

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Monter Melmac Leucistic Psilocybe Cubensis

Spores harvested by our South African friend. Leucistic melmac.

Penis Envy that has reverted back into a more gnarly traditional looking mushroom as opposed to a penis looking mutant. Kind of like how Albino Penis Envy Revert has reverted into a more traditional looking mushroom. Homestead Penis Envy is the original Penis Envy genetics from back in the day when Homestead Book Company sold grow kits. Prior to Sporeworks stabilizing there version of Penis Envy. And for many many years sporeworks penis envy was the only type of penis envy spores that was available but a couple of years ago Homestead Penis Envy revived back into the community with a new name as we know now as Melmac. After Melmac was released into the public soon after a reverted version has been stabilized and now we have it Melmac revert. Rarely a stabilized mushroom mutates back into normal non-mutated look. This reverted mutant has recently come into existence and luckily the community has its chance to get a hold of some spores. This just might be your favorite cubensis!




Legal Disclaimer – All Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spore Syringes Purchased From Sporespot Are Intended For Microscopy Research And Taxonomy Purposes Only.

All syringes are 10ml. Produced in a state of art sterile laboratory and guaranteed viable and free from contamination.

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