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The Nepalese Chitwan cubensis is a moderately potent, sturdy-looking, a dung-loving magic mushroom found blooming in the tall grasses of the Chitwan District of Nepal. The word “Chitwan” stands for two Sanskrit words, “heart” and “jungle”. Chitwan is an area with particularly rich fauna, flora and fungi, and remains one of the rare undisturbed vestiges of the Terai regions.
It is around there, in the city of Sauraha, that the original specimen of Nepalese Chitwan cubensis is reported to have been found, growing in what was believed to be rhinoceros’ dung.
Situated in the southern part of Nepal, Sauraha is a laid-back city known as the gateway to the dense jungles Chitwan: a maze of lush vegetation filled with rare exotic animals and Safari Tours.

The city has a warm and temperate subtropical climate rhythmed by rainy summers and dryer winters; the type of weather a meaty Psilocybe cubensis species such as the Nepalese Chitwan cubensis loves to flourish in. Another optimal feature is the uniqueness of the Chitwan region soil: it is silt, a granular, sparkly material, between sand and clay, very rich in minerals such as quartz. It is the silt, deposited annually by floods along the Nile River, that created the rich fertile soil that sustained the Ancient Egyptian civilization. In other words, this impeccable strain is a “jungly heart” magic mushroom that grows in “quartzie” soil.


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