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Palenque magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis Palenque) were discovered near the village of Palenque in Mexico, this strain produces tall, slender mushrooms with triangular caps that range from caramel to brown, often darker towards the center, and slender, straight white stems.

Known as a prolific sporulator, this strain is interesting as it is regarded as highly potent when fresh, but loses potency rapidly when stored. When consumed fresh, Palenque cubensis induces vivid synesthesia, and intense euphoria and bodily sensations.

They are a tall and slender mushroom with very little more to distinguish them from any other species. They are rumored to be a higher potency strain causing more of an introspective experience rather than a powerfully visual one. As they are cubensis, they have an average psilocybin content of 0.63% per 1 gram of dried weight. 




Legal Disclaimer – All Psilocybe Cubensis Mushroom Spore Syringes Purchased From Sporespot Are Intended For Microscopy Research And Taxonomy Purposes Only.

All syringes are 10ml. Produced in a state of art sterile laboratory and guaranteed viable and free from contamination.



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