Psilocybe cyanescens Psilocybe cyanescens
Psilocybe cyanescens   | Spore Spot
Psilocybe cyanescens   | Spore Spot

Psilocybe cyanescens

Syringe including 1L Grow Kit
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Psilocybe Cyanescens – Spore spot.


All syringes are 10ml. Produced in a state of art sterile laboratory and guaranteed viable and free from contamination.


Psilocybe cyanescens  sometimes referred to as wavy caps or as the potent Psilocybe is a species of potent psychedelic mushroom. The main compounds responsible for its psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. It belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae.



Psilocybe cyanescens grows today primarily on wood chips, especially in and along the perimeter of mulched plant beds in urban areas,[but can also grow on other lignin-rich substrates. P. cyanescens does not grow on substrate that is not lignin-rich.


Gills  :  on hymenium

Caps  :  is umbonate

Hymenium :  is adnate or subdecurrent

Stipe  : is bare

Family:  Hymenogastraceae

Genus: Psilocybe

Species: P. cyanescens




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